The Ruby Lover: Luxurious Accessories

Throughout the ages it’s rubies that have been the favoured jewel of Kings and Queens alike, with their alluring and bewitching charms, when it comes to weddings, rubies add an unmistakably sumptuous and regal touch, a safely luxurious colour for the most luxurious day of anyone’s life.

Evoking elegance, warmth and wonder, ruby is the ideal colour for a wedding reception. As a base colour it’s very easy to conjure together a simply glorious theme, and our wonderful Think Shaadi partners have a splendid array of designs in which to create something truly beautiful.

Accessories maketh the bride…..

Beginning with ruby accessories, the colour has been an integral and distinguished part of bridal wear for centuries, crossing the cultural divides and forever synonymous with love.


You simply couldn’t have a ruby themed wedding reception without including a ruby jewel to dazzle and amaze. Amrapali Jewels, emerging from the Mughal splendour of Jaipur, they have since become globally recognised as purveyors of luxury jewellery design, with unprecedented style and grace.

This pair of stunning earnings, which mix diamonds, rubies and pearls, would be a fine addition to a brides outfit, although of course brimming with regal tones, they also offer a bride a sense subtlety, rather than being overwhelming.


Photo courtesy of Muse Motions / Dress by Oscar de la Renta, Henna design by H. Beauty, Hair by Aamir Naveed and makeup by Ambreen.

As for a neat yet stunning bag, this design by the much lauded Judith Leiber is a playful yet stylish accessory for a bride wanting to mix colours with confidence. An icon of couture, Leiber has been designing for over 50 years, and has amassed a panoply of devotees, including nearly every First Lady of the United States.

London based Aruna Seth has steadily become a remarkable force in the world of shoe design, making an impact with her range of intricately created shoes, which emphasise comfort and elegance, with a degree of unparalleled craftsmanship.

farfalla royal blue pair wht bg

Photo courtesy of Aruna Seth

This eye catching pair of 110mm heels, from the Farfalla range offer a striking accompaniment to a bride looking for a distinctive splash of ruby, and the additional silver and crystal butterfly motif is the cherry on the cake.

The Ultimate Hair, Henna and Make-Up Course by Pavan and Ambreen


Two of our favourite people, henna artiste extraordinaire Pavan Ahluwalia and über talented hair and make-up artiste Ambreen, will be staging a unique course this month. If you’re a budding make-up, hair or henna artist, and want to learn from the best, then Pavan and Ambreen’s course is the one for you.

A glimpse of Ambreen’s make-up magic.

A snapshot of Pavan’s henna design for brides

Taking place in Kingsbury, Northwest London, the 5 day Course consists of different bridal and high fashion looks, together with the very popular trends and styles of make-up, hair and henna. This ingeniously crafted course is designed for those who haven’t had any previous experience in makeup, hair or Henna and for those who are seeking to enhance and learn further skills. It is also very useful for those who seek to have a career in this field. Priced at £1500 for the week, it’s definitely worth it.

Pavan – The Mehndi Maestro

pavan pearl - top shop

Pavan Ahluwalia is the hottest henna artist in the business, she’s amazed many a client from celebrities to household names like Selfridges, Harrods, Sky TV, and the BBC, with her beautiful artistry. She was recognised by the esteemed Guinness World Records, as the fastest henna artist, which was granted to Pavan after she painted a mammoth 511 armband in 60 minutes, each with specifically different designs.

pavan gc
 Pavan’s cake henna design for GC Couture
Since the launch of her business, Pavan has gone from strength-to-strength, achieving respect and admiration wherever she goes. Back in May, she reached another milestone, with the opening of her Henna Bar in the prestigious department store Selfridges, which of course attracted a wealth of attention.

Ambreen – Magnificent Make-Up

Ambreen is an extraordinary talent, a make-up artist who possesses a fine knowledge of how to make a woman look her best. Her craft is unsurpassed, and her creativity knows no bounds. Ambreen has been hired by many high-end brands, fashion shows, editorials and celebrities. She is a giant of the beauty industry, a make-up artists who is recognised as a pioneering force.

An artist who constantly strives to create the most eye-catching and the most beautiful presentations, whether it be for a drama filled catwalk show or a sultry and demur photo shoot. Her status as a trend setter has earned her attention from some top Indian fashion designers, such as Rohit Bal and luxury boutiques, such as Seasons and Sonas.

So, as you can see, these are two artist who are at the top of their game, and their course is sure to be an enlightening experience. Perfect for anyone wanting to perfect their skills.

Photos courtesy of Pavan and Ambreen

News: Pavan Ahluwalia Opens Henna Bar in Selfridges

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 09.24.47

Since we last spoke about self-taught henna artist Pavan Ahluwalia, she’s gone onwards and upwards, finally opening up her henna bar at Selfridges. With it being the first of its kind, Pavan had a curious public clamouring to get a personal design.

Opening on May 1st, with typical style and finesse, her new outlet offers a range of personal services, including henna tattoos, bridal consultation and private henna bar hire. It gives Pavan a greater opportunity to flex her creative muscle, mixing her trademark ancient inspired artistry with contemporary style.

Pavan henna bar

On twitter she simply wrote “this is a dream come true!” A dream which we think will continue to rise in popularity. The bar is housed in a minimalistic setting, free from distractions, it’s an oasis for customers to sit and indulge in the age old traditions of henna.

Pavan’s passion for design has only intensified with her Selfridges venture; we’re keeping our eyes firmly fixed on her career, anticipating what beauty she will conjure up next.

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