Chal le Chal – Behind the Scenes

Last week we at Think Shaadi had the privilege of showing you an innovative new project from our partners at The Wedding Filmer. One of India’s most sort after wedding videographers composed their own song for newlyweds Neha and Ravi. Titled ‘Chal le Chal’ and sung by Devangi Chopra, the song is a cover of Dust to Dust by the Civil Wars.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, you will see the sheer amount of effort and care taken to create this slice of musical magic. The score was carefully crafted for the couple, bringing the unique aspects of Neha and Ravi’s love truly centre stage. With it’s sweet yet passionate lyrics, the score encapsulated the magnificence and brevity of eternal love.

As you will see, the team delved deep into their creative minds to really explore this new form of bespoke.

Enjoy! Xx

The Wedding Filmer – Neha and Ravi

Exclusive Premier of  Chal le Chal

Think Shaadi is proud to give you the first global release from The Wedding Filmer

In the eternal quest to further the magic of bespoke, the geniuses at The Wedding Filmer composed a special song – ‘Chal le Chal – to compliment the love story between the beautiful couple Neha and Ravi. It enshrines the video perfectly, with it’s gloriously ebullient lyrics. The guys said “The song Chal le Chal is sung by our ‘little ninja’ Devangi Chopra and is a cover of Dust to Dust by the Civil Wars, the lyrics couldn’t be more apt for Indian wedding.”

The Wedding Filmer is the brainchild of award-winning filmmaker Vishal Punjabi, who runs the company with his crew of Bollywood and internationally acclaimed technicians. The soul purpose of The Wedding Filmer, as described by the team themselves is ” to bring you the magic of the movies in real, human stories that will make you cry, laugh, dance and leave you asking for more! Join his team as they travel the globe and explore the most inherent stories in the deepest, brightest and therefore truest parts of the human soul.”


The Wedding Filmer: The Color of Life

Every so often we like to share a heartwarming story on the Think Shaadi blog, especially if one of our wonderful partners are involved. You will know of the marvelous Wedding Filmer, the team of creatives who have single-handedly made the wedding video a popular addition to the shaadi.

So, here is the story, a man by the name of Mr Kaytee met the Wedding Filmer team in Mumbai last year, to tell them about the most special day in his life (The day his only son Sumir would get married) the team could see instantly from the pride he felt for Kiran that this was as much a daughter’s wedding for him. It helped make their mind up that the location was the stunning cliffs of Santa Barbara, the décor jaw-dropping and the details involved a chandelier cake.

Watching the film, you can see how special it was for all concerned. In the teams on words – “The Color of Life” changed us in such an intrinsic way that we decided to help a powerful, 15-year old artist Devangi Chopra produce and craft a cover of one of the most haunting love songs you’ll ever hear!”

So, immerse yourself in some visual splendour that truly touched all those involved. Xx

Community Interview: Bruce Russell

bruce russell

With his ceaseless enthusiasm for creating perfect weddings, Bruce Russell has reached a place where many aspire to be, but few seldom get there, and that is at the epicentre of the wedding planning industry. For 18 years he has steadily garnered a reputation for giving his clients artistic, unique and creatively buoyant events, which are executed with fine and detailed precision.

He’s risen from a veritable unknown to work with some major clients, reaching many milestones, including tenures with The Plaza, New York and The Savoy, London. Bruce is also courted by some of the world’s most desired vendors in the industry. He truly is the man with Midas touch.

Think Shaadi had the great opportunity to chat with Bruce, who happily discussed his inspirations, career highlights and that defining moment when he became The Savoy’s resident wedding expert.

br33What inspired you to become a wedding planner?
Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 16 years in some of the most iconic hotels in the world, I wanted to do something for myself. I’ve always had a passion for entertaining, and have a sharp eye for detail. Wedding planning is all about detail, but it’s also so personal – the most important day of someone’s life, where you are involved in every aspect – from fashion, design, food, logistics, planning and detail. Each one is so different from the other.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Everywhere! First is from the bride & groom and the vision that they have for their special day. My role is ultimately to bring this vision to life, while keeping is unique, original, and most of all personal. Otherwise I love interior design, architecture, food, decor…you name it. I can be walking down the street and see something which will inspire something completely irrelevant, but be perfect for a wedding. I collect all these ideas and just wait for the perfect client – it can be a great idea, but it might not work for every wedding.

What’s the most extravagant wedding you have ever planned?

I planned a wedding for a lovely Russian couple last summer, which we put together in just over 6 weeks. We worked with over 45 different suppliers and no detail was overlooked. We had three bands flown in from Ukraine, Moscow and Israel, as well as a DJ from the south of France who was in the UK for 3 hours for the late party. Every inch of the venue was covered in white flowers – from the outdoor canopy to the personalised message stamped on orchid petals on each place setting. The wines were brought in from the family’s private cellar in Brussels, to compliment the carefully selected 7 course menu. We did have the bride’s niece perform a special song for the bride & groom – you can’t forget the personal details, such as the bespoke candles in monogrammed boxes which we gave away as favours. It was perfect!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 13.01.21


Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 13.01.02

How did you feel about being appointed the Savoy’s resident wedding planner?

Having worked for the iconic hotel in the past, it was a natural fit, and a partnership that I am extremely proud to have achieved. The Savoy has always been a leader in the hospitality industry, and clearly realised that there was something missing when it came to looking after potential wedding couples. We worked together over 18 months to put the prefect team together who look after every single personal detail of each special day – that’s what ‘Savoy Weddings By Bruce Russell’ is all about.

Have you ever planned an Asian wedding?
I have had the privilege of planning a few Asian weddings (on a smaller scale) and Asian Engagements, which are as important as the wedding itself.

What elements of Asian weddings appeal to you?

Each aspect of an Asian wedding is steeped in culture and tradition, which can often be missing from weddings generally these days. What I love to see though, is younger couples embracing elements of tradition, and their own personal vision in order to make it very unique.




What essential piece of advice would you give to someone planning a wedding?

Keep it personal – it’s what I tell all of my couples. That’s what people will remember, and it’s what will make your wedding exactly that – your special day.

What’s next for you?

There are a few projects in the works at the moment, but the first to launch this summer will be a series of Bridal Tours & Bridal Retreats, which will give brides who may not intend to hire a wedding planner, access to me for a day or weekend. This will include consultation time, access to top suppliers, and provide each bride with a very personalised experience to help her plan her wedding.

We wish Bruce the best of luck with his future projects, of course, not that he needs it.



Cakes by Krishanthi


Krishanthi Armitt works a certain kind of magic with cakes. It’s a distinctive, eye catching and ultimately beautiful magic, where intricacy and grandeur operate in seamless harmony. Inspired to bake by watching her mother make tasty cakes for her family, Krishanthi uses the traditional techniques of Austrian and German bakers, renowned for their brilliance in the world of cake making, which she absorbed from her years studying at university in Germany.



It’s Krishanthi’s skill with sugar work that gives her cakes the Midas touch, her range of delicately crafted floral motifs, which look unnervingly real, are a symbol of culinary perfection. Krishanthi really began to understand sugar craft when she became a mother. Her cakes emphasise the grand style of cake design, they take the classical form, but Krishanthi adds her eclectic influences, to make fashion cakes that epitomise individuality.


It’s hard to define Krishanthi’s style, it’s something which has many facets. In a recent interview, when asked about her style, she said “My style is elegant, but it has to be unique and maybe even a little bit quirky. Fashion and architecture plays a big role when I’m looking for inspiration




Ultimately, all Krishanthi’s designs are fashioned out of love and an astute understanding of aesthetics. Her designs achieve that all important air of wonder and amazement, a treat for both the eye and the taste buds.

2 People 1 Life: In Search of the Perfect Wedding

Photo by Nicola Ferguson

Ladies and gentleman, meet Alex and Lisa, just your average couple. Alex works in the motor industry and is a pretty laid back guy; Lisa is a self-confessed “talker” and passionate lover of cooking, eating and drinking wine. The pair met 10 years ago, and it took Alex a decade to finally catch his dream girl.

Photo by Dean Sanderson

Although there’s one particular thing that is, shall we say, far less ordinary about this couple. Dissatisfied with the idea of a traditional “white wedding” the couple decided to travel the world, taking part in a wedding ceremony in every single country they visited.

Photo by Morgan Lynn Razi and Amir Razi

From Bosnia Herzegovina to Morocco, India to Argentina, Alex and Lisa have been determined to embrace every culture they encounter head on, and this is what’s created a media storm. It’s essentially about experiencing the cementing of true love across all the cultures and nations in this world.

They have just recently left the UK to head over to the sun drenched island of Corfu. Alex and Lisa have done what so many couples across the world long to do, and their journey to search for the perfect wedding is keeping us all enthralled. You can visit their blog 2 People 1 Life here.

Photo by Tiago Costa

As of now Lisa has worn approximately 36 wedding dresses, the most expensive being a Charlotte Balbier design costing $10,000 and the least expensive being a TK Maxx summer dress for £8. The couples longest wedding ceremony coming in at 10 hours long in Morocco and the shortest coming in at 1 minute in Hungary.

Photo by Catherine Mead

The 1st leg of their tour the Americas is done, and the 2nd leg Africa and Europe. The couple have just reached South Asia, with their 66th ceremony taking place in the port city of Karachi. It was a big scale affair with, of course, all traditions displayed, including Dhol drums, Salwars and gun shots etc.


Photo by Ayesha Mir

After Karachi, we at Think Shaadi will be keeping a very close eye on Alex and Lisa’s movements across India and wider South Asia.